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Ebony OH CEO ICRO Enterprise, lnc teaches you the leadership skills and strategies she used to reimagine one of the world’s most beloved brands.

About Us

ICRO Enterprise Inc, is a North Carolina based, Small Business and DBE/WBE certified company specializing in Erosion ControlSeedingHydroseedingQSP Storm Water ComplianceSilt/Tree protection fencing and more.

We pride ourselves in solving your soil stabilization challenges in an affordable yet responsible manner, consistent with ICRO guidelines.  Our highly trained teams plan each project in accordance with recommended ICRO solutions.

For over fifteen years, ICRO Enterprise Inc. has also been helping clients adhere to all regulations, avoid penalties, and reduce the complexities involved in managing all storm water compliance practices and reporting activities, for far less than it would cost to do so in-house.

We believe we can be good stewards of our planet while solving even the most complex soil stabilization or run-off challenges.

Online Course

Frequently asked questions


ICRO ACCELERATOR is the streaming platform that makes it possible for anyone to watch or listen to our video lessons taught by our skilled instructors. 

ICRO ACCELERATOR delivers a world class online learning experience. Video lessons are available anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, or personal computer.

Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of classes, videos, and audio taught by lead estimators, construction supervisors, CEO’s, and more.

Each class includes around 5 video lessons that are 5-10 minutes long on average, along with an in-depth workbook. You also get access to our offline lessons, our members only newsletter, and our dynamic community of members around the world. In person classes can be requested.

With ICRO ACCELERATOR, you can learn and be inspired anytime, anywhere, including your smartphone, and personal computer. You can even download your favorite lessons and watch on the plane or listen during your commute in audio-only mode.*

Pricing & Payment

The monthly membership is $999.75 (4 months) and provides unlimited access to all classes and new courses and videos as they launch. All ICRO Accelerator memberships include access to our mobile, high-definition videos, and downloadable class workbooks.

Depending on where you live, you may be charged taxes in addition to your annual membership price. If tax applies, you will see it stated separately on your emailed invoice. Tax rates are calculated based on your location or the billing information you provided at the time of purchase.

Should you have any additional questions about taxes you were charged, please view our Support Helpdesk article on taxes or contact us at

Sessions are a new hands-on format by ICRO ACCELERATOR where you can learn alongside other students by working on projects and activities as part of a structured curriculum in just 120 days. You will actively participate in the Sessions by sharing your work with an engaged community of your peers and getting feedback from trained Teaching Assistants.


While the curriculum will be structured for you to get from start to finish in 120 days, the content will be pre-recorded so you can maintain access to all Session materials and return to them anytime during your membership.

Yes, purchasing a ICRO ACCELERATOR subscription provides you with unlimited access to all current Sessions and classes, as well the new Sessions and classes launched each month. Your annual membership unlocks a catalog of classes and Sessions taught by the Ebony OH.

With a ICRO ACCELERATOR subscription,* you also get access to our smartphone apps, offline lessons (for classes only), our members-only newsletter, and our community of members around the world.

*Sessions are only available on the Web or in person if requested and approved.

The Sessions curriculum is designed to be completed in 120 days and is broken up into small, bite-sized activities with suggested due dates to help you stay accountable to your goals. However, you maintain access to the Session curriculum and materials after the 120-day period for the remainder of your ICRO ACCELERATOR subscription. See our Terms of Service for more information.


You can also continue to interact with your peers in the Session community after your 120 days are up. Finally, once you have completed the Session, you can continue to learn from the hundreds of other classes offered through the ICRO ACCELERATOR program.

Sessions are designed for people at all skill levels. As your instructor, I will walk you through a structured curriculum with step-by-step instructions, but will also challenge you to go beyond the Session content by exploring your own creativity. You will be able to gain support and up-level your skills by participating in a community of your peers and by receiving meaningful feedback on your work from trained Teaching Assistants.

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